Face recognition-based attendance solution


If you are tired of calculating and controlling employee attendance, then facial recognition based attendance systems is a great solution. If you are in a doubt as how can this help your business perform better and get you a better return on investment over your employees, then this article will help answer some of your queries.

Face recognition based attendance and access control solutions for you, your employees, and customers.

Face recognition is a 100% contactless biometric method of identification that’s non- intrusive. Attendance capture within 2 seconds! Can work from 2-5 ft away from the device. This solution can be deployed in any setting including retail stores, offices and homes – providing instant access to those who need it most in order to make sure they’re getting paid on time or when they’re supposed to be there at all!

Face recognition is a 100% contactless biometric method of identification that’s non-intrusive.

Face recognition is non-intrusive and can be used in any condition and under any lighting, making it an ideal tool for attendance systems.

Face recognition is more accurate than other biometrics and more secure than other methods of identification; it uses a high resolution camera to capture an image of the face and compare it against stored images from previous sessions or templates, allowing for unique verification at each session without requiring special equipment or training on staff members’ part.

Attendance capture within 2 seconds

The time it takes to capture attendance for each person is typically 2 seconds. This means that you can have a large number of employees using your app, and still be able to keep track of who’s attending and where they are at any given moment.

Works in different environments

The product works in diverse Indian conditions, provides high accuracy and is non-intrusive. In short, face recognition has a very high success rate when it comes to identifying someone from 2-5 ft away.

This solution allows you to track attendance using your phones camera at any distance ranging from 1 meter up to 5 meters away by simply taking pictures of people who are entering or leaving the premises without having them stand still while they wait for their turn in front of an electronic reader like those used by banks etc., so there’s no need for them standing right next door!

Intuitive and easy to use mobile application.

The mobile application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The app allows you to view real time attendance status, manage employees with ease, set up alerts for different events and much more!

Real time attendance analytics dashboard with custom reports.

You can access your attendance data from anywhere, anytime. Our Real-Time Attendance Analytics Dashboard provides you with a complete overview of your employee’s attendance history.

  • Detailed information on the number of employee absences, trends over time and their causes.
  • Custom reports that provide you with insights into specific departments or locations in real time. This includes:
  • The number of employees reporting to work each day (or week) based on their mobile device location data; *
  • The total amount of time that each department has been understaffed as compared to its normal staffing level; * Which employees are showing up late most frequently while others are consistently arriving early;
  • This dashboard offers you the ability to get real-time insight into your office’s attendance data by providing customizable reports, which can be exported in PDF and Excel formats. The dashboard also provides access to historical data so you can see trends over time.

Instant alerts

You can also set up alerts for attendance events like 1st punch in, last punch out and more. Alerts are sent to the manager and HR team so they know when an employee is late or leaving early. This way employees will be aware of the consequences of their actions, which will help them stay on top of things instead of relying on managers’ discretion with regards to what constitutes a legitimate excuse for being late or leaving early from work hours.

Alerts can also be sent directly to an employee’s mobile device so that they receive notifications immediately upon arrival at work each morning—or even after going home during lunch breaks! If parents have access too (such as via text message), then you’ll know exactly where your child is at all times without worrying about missing any important conversations between them because he forgot his phone again!

Fool proof and Highly Accurate

The system is fool proof and highly accurate. Noone can cheat it like they could in other manual or card reader based attendance systems.


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